My name is Kari, and I’m the recipe developer and photographer behind Kari Cooks.

I create easy & delicious recipes that are (mostly) 1-3 servings. No more unused food spoiling in the fridge or too many leftovers that never get eaten.

I truly believe that anyone can be a great home chef; it justs takes a little bit of effort, some easy to follow recipes, and the commitment to do something good for yourself. 

Why I Started This Site

It all actually started in 2015. I made a list of resolutions, including “Write Something.” When I was in 2nd grade, I said I wanted to grow up to be a novelist (actually, writer; I don’t think I knew the word “novelist” at 8 years old). I started a free WordPress site and posted a random assortment of cat stories, reading lists, and recipes (with some REALLY bad photography). I transitioned to just doing recipe posts, but I had no set direction for what I was creating. And with a 40+ hour a week day job, I eventually got burnt out. But…I missed creating recipes and sharing with people. And without the website, I eventually reverted back to eating cereal or ice cream (or nothing) for dinner. I also REALLY missed taking photos. So, I decided to start again, this time with a definite focus (easy 1-3 serving recipes) and a promise to myself to just keep at it and share the food I love to create and make with all of you!!